In conclusion....

This WIKI project was very intimidating to me at first. I had never done a WIKI before, and really didn’t even know what one was. Once I finally got working on it, I realized just how valuable a tool it was to help in learning the complicated subject of human physiology! Every unit helped me to further the understanding I had of the narrated notes. If I was having problems, I often worked on the WIKI page, and it helped to bring clarity to what I was seeing and hearing in the narrated notes or the textbook. The extra research for information, looking at pictures, and watching videos helped immensely as well. Those are all things I'm not sure I would have done if it wasn't for the WIKI project. It definitely helped me to apply the topics to my career choice also. If it wasn’t for the WIKI, I don’t think that some of those applications would have occurred to me. I often focus totally on the material and not how it acutally applies to me or my career, so this helped me to do that not only for this class, but for all of my classes.

I didn’t always like working on the WIKI project, but always felt good about each page once it was finished. I think we did very well on this project, and I absolutely could NOT have done it without the help and encouragement of my AWESOME partner, Susan. THANK YOU SUSAN...YOU'RE THE BEST!! :)



Well, what should I say about this project, I am very glad that it is done! I had never heard of WIKI. When I was sitting in the classroom and Jensi was talking about this I thought there is no way I can do this. I am very thankful that Jackie agreed to be my partner in this endeavor! I know I could not have finished it without her. Has the wiki been a help to me? Yes, especially if I did it right along with the chapter that we were working on. There were times when I was taking the quiz and wishing I had my wiki page in front of me because I knew I had talked about this certain thing. Physiology is still over my head in some areas but there are other areas where I feel I know a little more and can apply it to the career that I have now, nursing. The research was very time consuming but also very helpful, who knew what was out there on YouTube, I know now! I did feel it was weird not having worksheets and other assignments that needed to be filled out and handed in but this is the new way of teaching students today. They like the computer and are willing to search for things so they might as well have an assignment on the computer.
Thank you again Jackie for agreeing to work with me on this, I had to do some talking to get you to agree. We were a very good team! I have a great new friend! :)I am going to scream!! This thing will not let me change things or the color!!!!!! enough.............